The Lockdown Larder

The coronavirus pandemic shook the world. It’s legacy will be far-reaching. As always in times of strife, humans took to their kitchens, creating nourishing meals for themselves. Comforting, hunger-abating, fun, entertaining – food has the power to provide us with many things. This has never been more true in recent times than during lockdown.

This collection of recipes spans the globe, with contributors from Italy to Asia to Canada. These were the “go-to” meals that people found sustained them, physically, emotionally, when they needed it. Starters, vegetarian dishes, omnivore platters, desserts and drinks, there’s something for everyone. The main focus being simplicity when you’re running low on reserves of energy.

Any profits from sales of the book will go to the reforestation project to keep encouraging the Earth back to a happier time. The lockdown reduced human activity worldwide and led to the Earth starting to recover. We want to continue to support Her to replenish. Your help will enable that. Thank you.

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The Lockdown Larder

A collection of recipes that got us through.


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