Organic Almonds (unshelled)


Organic almonds that have been cared for by hand, harvested by hand, prepared by hand, just waiting to get into your hand!

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Almond trees are synonymous with this area, blooming and filling the Spring air with sweet scent. Our trees were planted several decades ago and have been lovingly tended to by the various home owners.

A lot of Spanish families here have a lot of children. When the older generation pass away, any mountain property is inherited by the next, invariably large, generation. That means there’s even more love poured onto these trees and many more pairs of hands to tend to them.

Often, the large almond producers poison the ground around the trees rather than de-weeding. We can promise you that has never happened near these trees.

They have been cared for by hand, harvested by hand and are just waiting to get into your hand!

Enjoy these sweet treats all year round. In their shells, they keep an awfully long time if they’re somewhere airy and mould-free.

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