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Welcome to our blog where we very occasionally drop a story about our off-grid, eco friendly life in the Alpujarras, Spain.

Tiny Home Office Space

Like a lot of people, our spare room was serving no purpose. It had become The Room of Doom. (Thanks to Emma for that moniker!) It was stacked high with stuff. All stuff we needed in one way or another but didn’t regularly access. We kept looking at IKEA furniture but the dimensions are onlyContinue reading “Tiny Home Office Space”

Intex Rectangular Frame Set Pool

When we were buying in Spain, having a swimming pool as part of the property was a non-essential for us. Having lived through a summer here at our humble, pool-less abode, we realised we couldn’t do it again! Although our neighbours have become friends and are generous with their pool hospitality, we decided to takeContinue reading “Intex Rectangular Frame Set Pool”

Treat yourself

We are proud to present our range of environmental illustrations, especially commissioned for us and hand drawn by a local Alpujarran dweller. Designed by Alexandra Andries, the messages they represent are close to all our hearts and are drawn from hers. Available on a range of different products, you can now support our work withContinue reading “Treat yourself”

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