Tiny Home Office Space

Like a lot of people, our spare room was serving no purpose. It had become The Room of Doom. (Thanks to Emma for that moniker!) It was stacked high with stuff. All stuff we needed in one way or another but didn’t regularly access. We kept looking at IKEA furniture but the dimensions are only 363cm x 297cm so nothing was really suitable for our tiny home.

The Room of Doom, starting to be cleared for the makeover

Ruminating on it for the 18 months or so since we’ve been here, Mat had a stroke of genius! From his days in the van, going to the beach to kitesurf, he was inspired by the table-into-a-bed combo you can often see in caravans and the like. We’d bought all the wood for other projects and were delighted to find we had just the right amount left we needed.

The wood quality in our area of Spain can leave a lot to be desired however! It’s rarely good quality and warps easily.

Onwards he soldiered, nevertheless. Creating a U-shaped frame around the edge of the room.

The idea being that we will have a desk all the way around, upon which the bed frame (sin legs) and mattress can be placed for the three or so weeks a year we get guests (when there wasn’t covid anyway!). Here he is, laying the boards to become the desk space.

When you move house in Spain, it’s customary to leave everything behind, furniture, bedding, even half finished bottles of spirits! You then end up with furniture you don’t necessarily want but it’s in good enough order to keep, whilst saving you some money for a time too. Here’s a case in point:

We removed the ancient handles and thought to replace them but, in the spirit of frugality, saved them and were able to hammer and glue them back on. Using some chalk paint, left over from part of the kitchen renovations, we were able to slap a few coats on without too much effort. They may have looked better if sanded first but the chalk paint sticks on fine without.

Either way, we couldn’t have done it without our assistant, Jock

The finished result is far from gorgeous but it makes the two sets of drawers a bit less noticeable against the white walls and means we still have a teeny bit of extra, under desk storage.

This is a quick video tour of how it is looking right now. The painting was a present from a friend in the village, it’s a copy of an original by Kim McElroy. The picture on the right hand side of the desk was a wedding gift from our lovely friend, Jo, who worked at Orchards Estates with us (and who is still there, doing a sterling job by all accounts!).

Just need to get an office chair for me and put Jo’s picture on the wall and we have the perfect space for us both to work. I get to look at the view across the mountain to the Med as I type; it’s no real hardship.

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