Intex Rectangular Frame Set Pool

When we were buying in Spain, having a swimming pool as part of the property was a non-essential for us. Having lived through a summer here at our humble, pool-less abode, we realised we couldn’t do it again!

Although our neighbours have become friends and are generous with their pool hospitality, we decided to take the plunge (ha). Budget restraints meant that building a pool wasn’t possible so we went to the local DIY type shop and found the Intext Rectangular Frame Set pool. We got the 450 x 220 x 84 cm size, which just fits on the new patio, in between the gazebo poles.

The pump that comes with it was not particularly effective. This is an important feature in ensuring the overall package price is low. We have upgraded instead to the Intex 26644. You do need adaptors to attach the new pump to the pool, however, which we didn’t realise so now have to wait again for those to arrive!

Traditionally you use sand in a sand filter. The latest thing to use, however, are these filter balls. These are resuable and machine washable so obviously fits our ethos better.

Getting a cover has made a big difference too, although obviously another extra expense. It keeps the leaves out and a huge number of the bugs too. It also makes the top of the water EXTREMELY hot so if you have pets who like the water, or kids, be very careful.

It’s absolutely one of the best things we have bought since we have been here! There’s nothing finer than cooling off with a quick dip in the privacy of our own land.

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